Boston men’s ultimate frisbee team

Ben Faust, #86

Ben Faust pulling

What if we made every player’s page just a post to get rid of the navigation fussiness? We’d have one main “Roster” page with everyone listed, then a post for each player with bio, photo, etc. Each player could write their own, even. Then, when someone retires, we can tag it “retired” or “alumni.” Maybe it’s just that I’ve wasted several hours trying to make the roster work in this one-page theme.

and so it begins

Another chapter in the long and storied history of ultimate frisbee in Boston. We are Ironside Ultimate. After a year as the neutral-yet-informative name “Boston Ultimate”, we’re back in the land of named teams. Raymond Burr would be proud (that reference was too early even for me, admittedly an old guard guy at 32). 

Welcome to the team site, check out what’s happening, leave a comment or two, and see you all on the fields.